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Battle Core

  • Battle Core is where users from different servers can come 
    together and fight each other to find the strongest user across
    the servers. 
    You can also find several battles and competitions in this server. 

    Our server is the best!!
    Our guild is the No. 1!!
    My character is the strongest!!

    While you keep playing in your own server, connect to 
    BATTLE CORE server via Elf "Ellin", the vision magician, 
    and prove your strength! 

    Challenge to Battle Core!
    Who will be the winner of Battle Core? 
    Prove yourself!
    You will meet real heroes.

Battle Core

『Battle Core』 The Battle field of the heroes of Mu continent!!- 『Battle Core』 is the new server consist of “Red” and “Blue” sections, and characters 
   from each server can connect to Battle Core through NPC Ellin after applying for it.

『Battle Core』 Connect to both servers simultaneously!!- You can apply to be connected to Battle Core and normal server simultaneously with 
   an existing character in your account.

『Battle Core』 Tournament- As Season9 is updated, “Chaos Castle tournament” and “Tormented Square tournament” 
   will start.Diverse battle contents will be updated soon.

Battle Core Settings

1. Battle Core Registration and Cancellation- Apply for the Battle Core through “Notice” or NPC “Ellin” during the application period.
- Characters in all level can apply for the admission.
- Only 2 characters per an account are allowed to apply and enter.
- You can change the application status without limits.
- The character that applied to enter Battle Core can’t trade nor open a private store unless 
you cancel the application via NPC “Ellin” at the normal server.
- The game client will be closed once you cancel the application.
- If you cancel the application, the information of Survival of the Fittest remains.
- When you re-apply to enter, you can continue playing the character with the information 
   saved previously. 
- Application for Battle Core is available only once a day. 

2. Shadow Vision- Once you apply for the admission to Battle Core, Shadow Vision will be applied and it takes 
about 3 minutes to enter.

3. Character Settings- All characters receive 100,000,000 Zen after applying for Battle Core.
- Trade, private store, Mu helper, and in-game shop are not available in Battle Core.
- Purchasing, selling, and repairing items via NPC is available at 1 Zen.

4. Community Settings- 1:1 chat and e-mail functions are not available.
- Whisper function is only available between characters from a same server.
- Modifications such as joining, leaving, and creating Guild (or Joining and leaving Gens) 
    are not available.

5. Battle Core NPC- Battle Core – Loren Market NPC

6. Battle Core Chaos Castle (Normal)- You can participate in Chaos Castle (Normal) in Battle Core.
- Rules and setting are same as the original Chaos Castle.
- “Guardian’s armor” can be purchased by “General Goods Merchant Christine” 
    or “Weapons Merchant Bolo.”
- Reward will be distributed to the character that has the most cumulated points from the point
   Battle core opens to its reset.
- Special reward will be given unlike original Chaos Castle.

7. Battle Core Reward Settings- Battle Core rewards can be obtained from NPC "Ellin" in normal server.
- Claim your rewards before the reset of Battle Core server.
- Rewards are distributed on the next day of the Survival of the Fittest Finals.

※ Battle Core Schedules- Battle Core schedules are changed every month and will be announced separately.

Posted 21 / 04 / 2019